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Career Opportunity

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(Law Firm)


Case Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

The case manager's duties will predominantly be administrative in nature. She has to organize case files and address any issues that come up with particular cases, such as ensuring that lawyer-client relationships do not interfere with other ongoing cases. Additional duties include organizing and completing the necessary documentation, monitoring case statuses, answering client questions and referring them to the appropriate lawyer if necessary, and scheduling court cases, hearings, and lawyer/client meetings. The case manager will be responsible for a case's time management and client billing. She will be responsible for client relationship management.

Working Environment

Case managers will mainly work in law firm offices, interacting with clients face-to-face, over the telephone, or by email or postal mail. However, she will visit different corporate offices alone /legal team for client prospecting and developing business relationships.

Educational and Skills Requirements

Education: LLB Honors/LLM from a recognized University. (Candidates with O Level and A Level will be preferred).
Age: 22 years to 27 years


Compensation will be negotiated

Application Deadline:

Deserving candidates are requested to apply on or before October 10, 2021.
The application must be sent to: